Season 2 Ep 1: #CraigCrush

We’re back! Summer is over and it’s time for our fall semester of Degrassi. Join us as we discuss Craig’s crappy father, Craig creepin’ on his other family, JT’s annoying […]



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  • Chew It

    In this very Liberty-centric episode, we discuss her obsession with dictators, managing the girls’ floor hockey team, dealing with sexism, and more. Elsewhere in Degrassi Land, Paige tricks Terri because […]

  • Booze in a Soda Bottle

    Today we discuss the sensitive topic of underage drinking, as Sean grapples his feelings of inadequacy with Emma’s family and uses alcohol as his escape. We also talk picking up […]

  • Sliding Down the Bench

    Today dive deep into the Ellie/Marco relationship, talk about what it means to be a Toby, and more. This episode deals with sensitive topics, as Degrassi often does, but we […]

  • Everything Joey

    Today we discuss part two of White Wedding, everything from how great Joey is to how terrible Emma’s hair still is! Spoiler Alert: Alex won the dollar. Also, Alex and […]

  • Everyone’s Had Their Hands on Snake

    Today we cover the many mishaps of the Spike and Snake wedding, including advice on perms, stripper etiquette, taking bets on Emma’s hair, and more! 

  • “Back in Action”

    Today we cover the heavy episode of Hazel facing her fears of her own heritage. This episode deals with heavy topics such as racism and sexism, but we do our […]

  • Ready… Set… Cringe!

    The perfect Valentine’s Day episode… in all its cringey glory! Today we talk about Manny and Craig’s first (and last?!) date, opposing perspectives, Spike’s sudden engagement, Ellie’s secret crush, and […]

  • Ice Cream Boy

    This week’s episode is all about our girl Terri. Tune in as we discuss her modeling career, Canadian waiter wages, Toby wrestling figuratively & literally, and more!  This week’s episode […]

  • PMS is Back

    Today we discuss season 2 episode 8 of Degrassi, please be advised this episode of Degrassi deals with topics that may be triggering for some. Today we discuss the follow […]

  • Sporty Spice Spinner

    Today we discuss season 2 episode 7 of Degrassi, please be advised this episode may be triggering for some. Today we discuss sharing lockers, a sporty Spinner, finding a true […]

  • Breadcrumbs and Cheez Whiz

    We’re back! Today we discuss Kid Elrick, teenage piercings, Ashley’s transformation, our love for Harry Styles, and more! Don’t miss out!

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy (American) Thanksgiving from School’s Out. Stay home, stay safe, and we’ll be back next week for more adolescent drama!

  • Grey Sweatpants

    Today we discuss Jimmy vs Spinner part 10, healthy diets and teenage hormones, new girl Ellie’s hair, notebook protection, and things get weird … of course…

  • Rapid Fire Spoilers

    Today we test out Alex’s rapid-fire spoiler session, as we discuss Ashley’s almost-goth look, the introduction of CJ … oops, we mean ELLIE. And so much more!

  • Gut to Gut

    Today we discuss the best friend-crush paradox, dressing for an 80s dance, Jimmy and Spinner’s lover’s spat, and just about everything in between. Eric, bring out the bleep button please.

  • #CraigCrush Pt 2

    Summer is over and school is back in session. Join us for the thrilling conclusion to last week’s episode, where we meet the incomparable Craig Manning and more.

  • Season 2 Ep 1: #CraigCrush

    We’re back! Summer is over and it’s time for our fall semester of Degrassi. Join us as we discuss Craig’s crappy father, Craig creepin’ on his other family, JT’s annoying […]

  • Summer School 218 (mini)

    Join us for our official Summer School finale as we celebrate with a drink and do our best to cover this last episode of Freaks and Geeks. Check back soon […]

  • Summer School 217 (mini)

    Summer School is almost over for this year, join us as we discuss the second to last episode of Freaks and Geeks. Today we praise Seth Rogen’s acting, hate on […]

  • Summer School 216 (mini)

    Today we discuss Nick’s love affair with Lindsay’s parents, Cindy’s love affair with Sam’s neck, and more!

  • Summer School 215 (mini)

    Today we’re back at it! We discuss this Schweiber-centric episode. Lindsay having the hots for Neal’s brother, Neal’s father’s affair, and more!

  • Announcement 101

    Today we’re celebrating a long weekend with some antiquing and fried pickles. Check back later this week for our return to summer school.

  • Summer School 214 (mini)

    Today we talk about Mr. Fredrick’s boxers, Millie’s giant dog, playing the squeezebox all night and more!

  • Summer School 213 (mini)

    In this episode, we fawn over Devon Sawa and praise his honesty, we also talk Allen’s bullying, Bill’s crush on Ms. Foot, his peanut allergy, and more! Devon Sawa, call […]

  • Summer School 212 (mini)

    Today we discuss Ken Miller’s first date, vanity license plates, a grandparents’ meet-cute and more!

  • Summer School 211 (mini)

    Today we talk about Lindsay and the Mathletes, good friends vs bad bananas, car harassment, and more!

  • Summer School 210 (mini)

    Today we talk early 2000s movies, our forever crush on Devon Sawa, Jason Segel’s role as a slacker, Ken Miller’s disappearing act, Mr. Fredrick’s sweatpants, and possibly also eventually get […]

  • Summer School 209 (mini)

    In this off-the-rails and sporty episode of Summer School, we talk about Nick’s clinginess, Lindsay and Kim’s almost-friendship, how adorable Jean is, & Eric bleeps our favorite sports teams, and […]

  • Summer School 208 (mini)

    Today we discuss the uber healthy diet of Cindy, Sam’s lab new partner, first boyfriends, and more! Don’t forget to call us (570) 266 -7085 and let us know how […]

  • Summer School 207 (mini)

    In our shortest episode, we discuss the (often deemed) “second pilot” of Freaks and Geeks. We discuss the geeks’ weird possessive behavior of Maureen, Lindsay’s mistreatment of Nick, and everything […]

  • Summer School 206 (mini)

    Today we discuss the “I’m With the Band” episode of Freaks and Geeks. We discuss justice for Yoko, Lindsay is super annoying, Nick’s military father, the most important musical instrument, […]

  • Summer School 205 (mini)

    Join us today as we discuss all things Daniel and scandal. Lindsay helps Daniel cheat and Daniel helps the geeks understand a dirty joke. 

  • Summer School 204 (mini)

    Today we discuss the episode “Kim Kelly is My Friend” – confused? Don’t ask us! We didn’t air them in the incorrect order. Catch up on the (originally unaired) episode […]

  • Summer School 203 (mini)

    It’s Halloween once again in Summer School. Join us as we discuss the horrors of being a teenage in this week’s episode. Will Lindsay have a spooky good time at […]

  • Summer School 202 (mini)

    Join us for our second round of summer school where we discuss everything Freaks and Geeks. Today we talk about Nick’s creepy behavior, Daniel’s creepy friends, and so much more! […]

  • Summer School 201 (mini)

    Today we discuss our Summer School extra credit! We answer the ultimate question: were you a Freak or a Geek?

  • Thank You

    Just a quick thank you to our listeners. We hope you have enjoyed our summer school class with our dear friends Angela, Rickie, Rayanne, and others. Please stay tuned, more […]

  • Summer School 119 (mini)

    Today we say goodbye to our favorite characters in our bittersweet last episode of Summer School 101. This summer has been such a wonderful experience for us, Alex and CJ. […]

  • Summer School 118 (mini)

    With only one episode left after this, will we finally get the answers: will Angela forgive Jordan and Rayanne, will Rickie find a place to fit in, will Brian win […]

  • Summer School 117 (mini)

    Our time with our friends at Liberty High is almost coming to a close. Today we discuss the ultimate act of betrayal and the turning point of Rayanne. Another heavy […]

  • Summer School 115 (mini)

    It’s Christmas today in Summer School. Today we discuss the commanding performance of Wilson Cruz as Rickie in this heartwarming holiday tale. We also talk about the crisis hotline and […]

  • Summer School 114 (mini)

    We’re more than halfway done with our Summer School session, only a few more hours with our new friends Angela, Rickie, Rayanne and company. Join us today as we discuss […]

  • Summer School 113 (mini)

    Please ignore the rain as we brave the weather to discuss today’s episode of My So-Called Life. We try to invent a School’s Out drinking game, and discuss driving metaphors, […]

  • Summer School 112 (mini)

    Rock out with us as we join Angela and friends for a concert. Today we discuss boiler room romances, Sharon’s rebellion, Graham’s cooking class, Patty is a boss bitch, Jordan’s […]

  • Summer School 111 (mini)

    Today, we cover the special episode of My So-Called Life narrated by Brian. We try our best to make it through the unusual narration as we discuss school dances, Angela’s […]

  • Summer School 110 (mini)

    Today we cover a very heavy episode of My So-Called Life. Join us as we proceed with caution to discuss teen angst in spades, Rayanne’s bad decisions, the continued traumatic […]

  • Father’s Day PT. 2 (mini)

    [ This is the second part of our two part Father’s Day Episode. If you haven’t listened to part one yet, check it out HERE. ] Happy Father’s Day! This […]

  • Father’s Day (mini)

    Happy Father’s Day! This special two part episode was recorded before the quarantine because we were too excited to talk about our fav TV dads! Join us on a stroll […]

  • Summer School 109 (mini)

    Boooo! Today is Halloween in summer school. Alex reads her predictions for everyone’s costumes while CJ tries not to spoil it. Then, we discuss the spooky times at Liberty High. […]

  • Summer School 108 (mini)

    Today we get lost in our feelings for episode 8 of summer school. Join us as we discuss this very Sharon-centric episode. We talk about Angela’s odd behavior, being in […]

  • Summer School 107

    Today we call her red, as we dive into an episode of My So-Called Life with very spoiler-y title. Join us as we discover why Jordan can’t read and watch […]

  • Mega Mini

    Join us (socially distance style) as we answer questions from our “ask us anything about #MSCL” poll, read some reviews and shout out the amazing people that have been leaving […]

  • Summer School 106 (mini)

    Today we have a substitute teacher for summer school… is he a good guy? A bad guy? A misunderstood guy? Join us for episode 6 of My So-Called Life as […]

  • Summer School 105 (mini)

    Today we cry our way through episode five of My So-Called life, but don’t worry Eric bleeped all of it for us. Just kidding, but we do get into the […]

  • Summer School 104 (mini)

    Today we giggle our way through a caffeine-fueled night episode as we delve into the many fathers of My So-Called Life. Join us as we discuss Graham’s charisma, what music […]

  • Summer School 103 (mini)

    We should call this episode night school, but with wine and coffee. Today we examine into our favorite characters with this heavy episode entitled “Guns and Gossip.” We discuss the […]

  • Summer School 102 (mini)

    Join us as we socially distance and live vicariously through Angela Chase. Today we discuss episode 2 of My So-Called life and all the flannel we can handle! We discuss […]

  • Summer School 101 (mini)

    Our first summer school mini is now available! Today we cover the pilot episode of My So Called Life. While Alex is a MSCL first timer, CJ has been copying […]

  • Thank You (mini)

    It meant so much to have some of our favorite creators and friends contribute to our semester finale. We wanted one more way to say a personalized thanks!

  • Episode 15: Why Are You Saying the Alphabet in My Ear ….?

    Join us socially-distance style for the last episodes this season! It’s bittersweet… like a Smarty. Today we discuss chewing aspirin, violating Sean, sending out psychic vibrations, curing boredom, and more! […]

  • Mother’s Day PT.2 (mini)

    Happy Mother’s Day! This special two part episode was recorded before the quarantine because we were too excited to talk about our fav TV moms! Join us on a stroll […]

  • Mother’s Day (mini)

    Happy Mother’s Day! This special two part episode was recorded before the quarantine because we were too excited to talk about our fav TV moms! Join us on a stroll […]

  • Episode 14: Sit on a Stick

    Join us socially-distance style for one of the last episodes this season! Today we discuss thermometer placement, after school fights, tough love, millennial speaks and more! Meet us behind the […]

  • Episode 13: My Face isn’t Frozen… I’m Just Giving You a Dirty Look

    Join us socially-distance style for one of the last episodes of this season. Our semester is almost over, but we have some fun news coming up! Today we discuss Terri’s […]

  • Study Hall (mini)

    On today’s mini episode we look to another Degrassi alumni, @thedanielclark for inspiration. We socially distance thanks to FaceTime and discuss: staying indoors, throwback pictures, fried pickles, the top 5 […]

  • Episode 12: You’re Very Leafy

    Today we finally get a Manny-centric episode, not #MaximumManny quite yet, but we’re almost there. Today we discuss product placement, cheerleading drama, the good & bad friendships of junior high, […]

  • Indoor Recess Pt. 2 (mini)

    For our quarantine mini, we were inspired by the uplifting content of Andrea Lewis! (We hope she’s inspiring you, too). We answered the other 3 questions from IG story (swipe for […]

  • Episode 11: Check Your Pockets!

    During our social distancing, we watch the kids of Degrassi do the opposite! Today we discuss Emma and Sean’s first date (or is it?!), Spinner’s revenge, being Team Tinner, the […]

  • Indoor Recess (mini)

    For our quarantine mini, we were inspired by the uplifting content of @andrealewis! (We hope she’s inspiring you, too. If not, go follow her right now!) We answered 3 questions […]

  • Episode 10: I am Eric… We are Eric… This is Sparta

    For the first time in School’s Out history, Alex and CJ didn’t watch and take notes together. We’re socially distancing to safely bring you new Degrassi-related content! In today’s episode […]

  • Prankentini (mini)

    Today’s mini episode is all about April Fool’s Day! Alex discusses pranking her parents, CJ talks about the weird jokes her friends would play, and much more! Did you ever […]

  • In-School Suspension (mini)

    We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this special School’s Out mini. Alex and CJ socially distance themselves via this phone call. In today’s episode we discuss how […]

  • Women’s History Music Mini

    Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of this, we have a special mini episode dedicated to all the musical women in our lives. Today we discuss our favorite female musicians […]

  • Episode 9: Terri’s Love Quiz

    Today we discuss Emma’s embarrassment, Jimmy’s smothering, our favorite podcast’s catchphrase, mall harassment, and so much more! Tune in for a coming of age tale like never before. Also… In […]

  • Women’s History II (mini)

    Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of this, we have a special mini episode dedicated to all the amazing women in our lives. Part two of our special, today we […]

  • Episode 8: How to Change Your Grandparents

    Today on School’s Out, we’re offended! Just kidding but tune in as we discuss JT pretending to be gay, Ashley’s divorced family drama, avoiding crushes and so much more! In […]

  • Women’s History (mini)

    Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of this, we have a special episode dedicated to all the amazing women in our lives. Part one of a two part special, today […]

  • Episode 7: Please Stand By

    Unfortunately due to a technical difficulties, we lost part of our very silly episode 7. However we didn’t want to leave our listeners hangin’ so we salvaged over ten minutes […]

  • CJ’s Mixtape (mini)

    Break out your Walkman, rewind that cassette… it’s time for CJ’s mixtape mini! Today we discuss the songs she chose for Alex, our favorite lyrics, answer music related DMs, and […]

  • Episode 6: The (Bad) Friendzone

    We talk 1st celebrity crushes, type A personalities, finding real friends, the softer side of Sean, and almost crying over puppies. Join us as we cringe our way through Jimmy […]

  • Alex Makes You a Mix (mini)

    Today for our music mini we take a deep dive into Alex’s mix. We also answer a listener’s voicemail, read music related DM’s, and discuss our favorite genres of music. […]

  • Episode 5: The One With all the Tangents

    Throw away the friends that throw out lots of red flags! This week we talk about CJ’s teenage rebellion, wispy bangs, Degrassi’s fake friends, and friendship love triangles. We also […]

  • Music Mini

    Today we have another very special (musical) mini! Don’t worry we won’t be singing, but we will be talking our favorite musical artists, past and present. We talk songs, albums, […]

  • Episode 4: Beer Balls

    There’s a lot to cover on today’s episode of School’s Out! On this week’s Terri-centric episode we try to come up with the perfect way to praise women. We also […]

  • Galentine’s Day Mini

    Happy Valentine’s (or Galentine’s?) Day from Alex and CJ!Roses are red, violets are blue, we have a special Valentine’s mini episode for you!Today we talk worst dates, sobbing at the […]

  • Episode 3: Your Brother Has IBS?

    Tune in today for shading our siblings (just kidding) as we discuss sharing a bathroom with Alex’s two brothers, CJ’s teen years with a copycat sister, Paige’s passive-aggressive friendships, and […]

  • Episode 2: Are You an Emma or Are You A Manny?

    Part two of what gives us the creeps, this week we discuss Emma’s escapades, helicopter parenting vs being a latchkey kid, blended family dynamics, and did we get into any […]

  • Episode 1: We Hate Keith

    Don’t be late for your first class! School’s Out is finally in session and we’re starting with a pop quiz – did you study? Just kidding! But we are asking […]